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            Specializing in Commercial K9 Bed Bug Inspections
                       Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000+ times stronger than that of humans?

            Our certified and specially trained K9s, who have successfully performed over 1,000 inspections, are highly             skilled to inspect and identify live infestations in minutes.

            We offer one-time inspections, as well as scheduled, ongoing inspections at dates and times convenient             for you and your staff. Spot treatments are also available at the time of inspection when bed bugs are detected.

            Advantages of using a bed bug detection dog:

            •    Quick search and detection of bed bugs compared to only a visual examination.
            •    Discreet inspection and surveillance of your business with little to no disruption.
            •    Avoid unnecessary fumigation costs by treating only the infected areas identified by the K9.
            •    Peace of mind to your staff knowing their work area is checked regularly and cleared of bed bugs.
            •    Protect your business with recurring K9 inspections.

            Residential inspections are not available at this time.
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